Monday, July 18, 2005

Tomorrow We Fly

Last day here with no scheduled ministry. We hit an open market on the west side of Madrid this morning. Most of the kids are now taking advantage of the siesta but then we will head downtown for a stroll, winding up at Madrid´s version of Central Park. Should be a relaxing evening before our long trip home.

We did our dramas at a park near Aluche (a part of Madrid) last evening. As we prepared for our sharing I asked the kids what the highlights of the trip were. I had a list of all that we had done and everyone agreed that it has been amazing. They are very aware of God doing things beyond what we had imagined. That was mentioned. The sense of history in everyplace has also been huge for them. They spoke of learning about working together and all that it entails. It has been rich, indeed.

So tomorrow we head out. Soon I will return to the room (the girls are sleeping on the floor in one classroom, the boys in another). I will write cards to accompany offerings and gifts we intend to leave for so many generous hosts. Every need has been met. It has been wonderful.

This morning we gave a gift to the cafe man here at Betel Ministries; a leather journal in which we inscribed words of thanks from Team Spain 2005. Every morning, Peter has greeted us with a warm smile, kind English words (he is from Nigeria), and a friendly countenance. He has been a gift to us from our first day here when no one else spoke a word of English. He was moved by our act of appreciation. He wants us to return next year. It is good to know that eternity will not separate us from our brethren - very good.

Pray for our safe return. And I will share more interesting news with you then!


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