Sunday, June 12, 2005

New Seasons

I have been aware of the seasonal changes around me for much of my life. As a young girl I bemoaned the passing of time, the closing of chapters, and the end of a season. God helped me gain perspective, showing me that it was good to consider my days, but He also let me see that new seasons were ordained by His hand for good. They were not only good for me, but more importantly they were beneficial for His kingdom as well. It is His divine plan.

In spite of this restored vision that I have walked in for years, I have been finding this particular change of season more difficult than I had imagined. I will be fifty next month, I am now a grandmother, my child-bearing years are over, the numbers at home are beginning to dwindle rather than increase, etc. etc. Get the picture? Do I need to say more?

But this morning it dawned on me that I am leading a missions team to Spain this month. I am arranging a team heading for Nepal and I may go there, too. Vision is being birthed in me and through me. This is a new season and it is not just dormant. It is full of new life as well. There is nothing more wonderful than new life in every form. And this season is not exempt of such wonders. I now realize that as long as God is in the equation there will always be new life. He is life-giving. It is who He is.

So even if you are 50 and entering the fall of life, there is still life to come forth. And I am beginning to be excited about this new season as well.


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