Saturday, July 16, 2005

Spain again

So much news, so many things that God has done. And it´s because our young people are being wonderful examples of His love! I never dreamed of all that God had in store. I am only glad that we have heard His voice and followed!

One example: Thursday we spent the day at a children´s retreat outside of Toledo. We found that they planned for us to spend the night. All of our meals were provided and the setting was breathtaking. We were on a mountain top in a hotel that had been purchased by Remar, a ministry here in Spain. From our balconies we looked out across a broad plain surrounded by mountains. Hundreds, no, thousands of olive trees lined the landscape. It was truly magnificent. On the mountain behind us were very old windmills. The sense of history was awesome. As we drove up I exclaimed to the team, "Hasn´t the Lord blessed us everywhere we go!" They agreed unanimously!

The ministry there more than stretched us. We arrived at 11:00am, were told that there were 80-90 seven to twleve year olds, and were asked to minister to them from noon until 2:00pm, then again from 5:00pm to 8:30pm, then to close the day at 9:30 with an evening service! That was 6 1/2 hours of ministry to 90 young children! We had 1/2 hour to prepare. Needless to say, we tried to plan, but concluded that all we could do was pray. I assured them that if God has given us the opportunity He would be more than faithful to help us complete it. There were difficult moments and the afternoon ended with us feeling out of control (these children were unruly and the counselors had no control with them - and we could not speak Spanish!)

As we regrouped for the evening service, I told them that we could not allow the group to get silly and crazy. We must enter into worship and bring them into God´s presence. I assured them that even 7 year olds could be touched by Him and could worship Him from their hearts. They were a bit skeptical but did just as I asked. They pressed into worship, entered His presence, did not hold back or give up. Suddenly the Spirit fell, the kids were silent as Josh McGrath shared with them for over 15 minutes. He led them in prayer as the team played worship and prayed. Soon they called on me to pray for a group of children who needed deliverance from fear. When I looked up, the team was worshipping in the center, lines of children had formed in front of me, groups in other places were receiving prayer from their chaperones and team members. There were tears, honest requests, and the sense of God doing a deep work in these young hearts. By the end of the evening we were in awe of God´s work in these children through us.

The next day was our opportunity to record a TV show for a Christian network in Madrid. None of us had experienced TV from that side of the camera. It was wonderful and they were very pleased with all we did. They will edit it and have promised to mail us a copy. I hope they can!

I cannot tell you all that has transpired here - there is too much to tell, and much more that only God knows! Please continue to pray for us. When I get back I will explain in greater detail just one thing that has come from our time in Spain which I believe could have impact for the future of the church in Spain. God is so big - so very big...

Please tell others to read this post. I will use this as a means of updating for my church family and friends.

Be blessed and we look forward to seeing you all soon and give even fuller reports.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the trip sounds awesome mom! God is doing great things, eh?

i love you.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, Mom!

9:04 AM  
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