Thursday, June 16, 2005

An addition and A collection and the finale

The finale of this day:

The day was most successful. More friends arrived to continue the big push. There was sanding, priming, painting, scraping, sheetrocking, and electrical work done. The mess is still enormous, the mountain of undone work looms large, but we are closer to the top. I can already sense the view - it is in sight.

As I stood in my hallway with beautiful white trim gleaming, an incredibly deep-seated pleasure flooded my soul. I could envision the finished product. That is actually nothing new - I can almost always envision a finished product. But there's a significant difference - this time it may be accomplished.

You must understand. My husband and I had long ago settled for living in a never finished house. Finances and time constraints did not allow for all that needed to be done. I had concluded that at best there would be the big push 6 months before selling time, only to move out before ever really enjoying the finished product. Now we are close to seeing several rooms DONE!!! I mean done, with art work, rugs, and all! Remnants of rugs that were edged and made into runners two years ago will cover our stairs. And a dear friend is even matting and framing pictures that I have had for 20 years! They will have a place in the hallway. I am genuinely excited . . . you must surely understand!

But my pleasure is not resulting in jumping up and down, as it would have at one time. Instead it is profound, gentle, and very full. Maybe that is the result of waiting and even coming to the place of releasing it all. I don't know. But I do know that I am going to enjoy this immensely. And with great gratitude to all who have blessed us so abundantly.

Late morning
An addition:

Merrick just awoke saying he had a fun dream. He dreamed he was talking on American Idol to Ryan Seacrest about Star Wars. Maybe it was prophetic, eh, Carina Beans?!

Early morning
A collection:

  • buying 16 foot long crown moulding (along with paint, nails, screws, brushes, etc.) and fitting it in the van
  • sharing a Whopper meal with two precious daughters
  • welcoming a houseful of young people with paint brushes (thanks, guys!)
  • teary eyes when the van got sold and Liana cleaned it for the last time
  • rejoicing at an e-mail received from a national Nepali pastor (he is so excited about our team!)
  • choosing a color for my porch floor
  • reading my children's blogs and feeling all warm inside
  • thinking about wedding cakes and receptions
  • "Read at least one history book to Merrick."
  • planning topics for the kids who will preach in Spain
  • black bean soup (they actually loved it and asked for more!)
  • getting advice on the cracks in the stairs
  • painting 28 - no, wait - 29 spindles (balusters) on the stairs (but who's counting?)
  • designing moulding to cover up the problem spots
  • approving the removal of certain shrubs in my garden
  • wondering if the dress I bought for the wedding will still fit
  • dozens of other misc. things like laundry, e-mail responses to moms of missions kids, sweeping floors, etc.
  • laying a tired, showered body down and falling asleep with a magazine still in my hands

That was yesterday. Now for today. . .


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Don't forget to BREATHE!!! Love you bunches ~ Paige

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