Monday, June 20, 2005

Bells, planes, and paint

Between a wedding, house projects, and planning a missions trip to Spain my mind is quite busy most of the time. Soon they will all come to a conclusion. The drop cloths and sanders will be put away today; her wedding is Saturday (yikes! she'll be gone from my home - life does move on whether we do or not, so we might as well get with it or we'll be left behind), and in one week we will have our final team meeting before leaving.

Huh, life is certainly moving on around here! I'm glad to know that it ebbs and flows.

Lord, I think I'm ready for some ebbing . . .

ps - Speaking of ebbing - check out this quote. It is worth pondering. Perhaps I'll write about it one day.

"Insistence upon rules of conduct marks the ebb of religious fervor.” (Alfred North Whitehead)