Sunday, July 10, 2005

More from Spain

Last night the team ministered to a youth group in LaLinea. The church was the most prosperous church in the area. The building was beautiful, the group was large (40-50 youth), and the sound system was terrific (our team was very happy about that!) At first the kids were a bit intimidated. I am sure they were thinking, "What can we possibly give to these people? Most of them are older than us and more talented." But they persevered and in the end, the group was thrilled with their zeal and devotion. They want us to come back again.

This morning we ministered at a small church. We most definitely brought them a blessing. The pastor and his wife had tears in their eyes as the kids laid hands on them and prayed. They spoke prophetic words about generational building. It was wonderful. With sincere expression the pastor looked my way and emphatically announced a desire to have us return annually to bring to them what the new generation is doing. He was very excited about the team's ministry.

Tonight we will minister to another small church. Tomorrow we move on to Madrid. God has appointed many great things there. We have the expected ministry, but God has already added to our agenda. We have been invited to attend a youth camp in Toledo all day on Thursday and minister in the service there that evening. We have also been invited to tape a TV show at the Remar studios. Very exciting. Everyday I wait to see what new things God may have!

Will run now. In Madrid I don't think I will have as much access to internet. We shall see!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so encouraged and blessed by the reports from Spain. What a blessing you all have been to the body of Christ in far away places! May God bless you all as much.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so many great news.. Praise God for all He is doing in spain, with you and through you! He is good!
sorry we couldnt make it to the wedding, i think my sister got to explain to you what happened.
be blessed and ill read again soon.

6:55 PM  
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