Friday, June 24, 2005

Flying Day

"Angel, you were born to fly."

And fly she will. Take off day will arrive tomorrow, the day we have looked to since she was born. The years have been filled with preparation for just such a time, for growing in womanhood, and, above all, for gaining absolute confidence in His abiding love.

There is one more day for taxi-ing down the runway. Every morning for years the first thing I have heard is her blowing her nose. Must be her allergies, but it is a morning ritual. I realized today that I will hear it only one more time. Then comes the smell of freshly ground coffee brewing - that, too, will come to an end (no one else tends to get up at our hour!) She then curls up in the front room chair or on the side porch, weather permitting, to spend those first precious minutes with Him, the love of her life.

She was born to fly - she was destined for great things. And because she belongs to Him, she will arrive at her destination. Faithful is He. Faithful.

So, my first born -
"Take every chance you dare - I'll still be there . . .
Angel, you were born to fly."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have so eloquently put into words what so many of us mothers feel - whatever the "milestone" or BIG event. You are sending a godly woman into the next milestone, no.... BIG event in her life - for this you must be proud. Now... where did I put those tissues!

8:57 AM  
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