Saturday, June 18, 2005

Color, color everywhere! Wait 'til they see it!

My hallway is now "persimmon", my upstairs bath boasts a bright gold, and the dining room is looking rather subtle by comparison in a soft shade of green/gray. Soon my loft wall will be deep blue. Hmmmm. Hope this isn't too much overload for the senses. (What fun it all is!)

The work is far from completed, although we are getting close. Today we will see some long awaited finish work "finished". Then more painting. I am amazed. I think the house will look great! I cannot tell you how very pleased I am with all this. My cup overflows . . .

And even better is the fact that my son will arrive home today for two weeks! Hooray!! Then Tuesday Carina arrives - she's the one who will rescue my hair from last week's self-done haircut. The following day brings Brietta and her whole family. We will all be here under one roof - all at once - altogether! I am praying for the house to be done enough that we will be able to enjoy some fun, food, and laughter while we are all here. And we will. No doubt.

This will be a week to remember. His manifold mercies and blessings are great!


Blogger j. said...

I am excited to see all that has been done. I am glad for you, progress in its nature is exciting.

1:24 PM  

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