Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Spanish Adventure

God had plans for my visit to Spain that I never anticipated - nor did anyone else. But the details were impeccably ordered. It was clearly His hand.

I will not try to recount the details (how long did you have?...) I will, however, try to share the heart of the matter.

Spain, like much of Western Europe, is extremely hardened; humanism reigns and licentiousness abounds. In my short time there, God allowed me to connect with several leaders in the Christian world, all of whom expressed deep concern for the future of the Spanish church regarding the next generation. "What should we do with our children?" "The Spanish family is being destroyed and we see that the church is not exempt from this." "How did you educate these young people?" "Can you help us?"

If you know me you know that my answers came quickly and freely. This is a subject near and dear to my heart and I was ready to give account for the hope within me. "The Spanish culture must be changed. The minds of your parents must be renewed. You must cast a fresh vision for the importance of these precious children. Your parents must begin to recognize their responsibility for each one of these lives which God has created. They need to understand the value each child has in God's eyes."

Again and again as they learned that the young people on the team had been homeschooled, they approached me with questions. "Why do you homeschool?" "Christian schools don't work in Spain - should we consider introducing homeschooling to our parents?" "Can you help us set up a Christian homeschool program here in Spain?"

More answers. "My husband and I believe our children have a destiny in the Lord. We are responsible for training and preparing them to fulfill that destiny. Homeschooling is the tool that we have chosen as part of that preparation. We want them to be established in a Biblical worldview and the public schools are unable to do that. Homeshooling provides a wonderful opportunity for building relationship as well. But homeshooling in and of itself is not the answer. I do believe it is the best platform for Biblical instruction, but it is not the end - it is simply a means. Your parents must begin to look at their children as God looks at them. They must see the need to invest their lives in the future generation. This is not a quick harvest. There is no immediate fruit. This is a 20 year process. Your parents will need continual reminders, constant encouragement. You will need to cast the vision again and again and again. You will need to be in it for the long haul. Changing a cultural mindset is a huge undertaking. It is not accomplished overnight. A large ship is not turned around quickly or easily. It is a long process that requires patience. But in this case, it is essential. You are headed for destruction unless you turn this around. When the Church sits idly by, allowing the future generation to be lost, its own destruction will soon follow. We must see our young ones enter into the kingdom. This is God's plan. This is His heart. He sees the future when He looks at the present. We must learn to do the same."

Another question. "Will your husband come and help us set up a pilot program for the church in Spain?"

This time I could not answer so quickly. I brought the written request home. "Through conversations with Darlene we have been learning a lot from your many years of home-and-church based Christian Education experience and would like to invite you to consider helping us launch a home-based Chrisian education movement in our country. This is something that is vitally needed and that we believe is a priority in God's kingdom for generational building in our country." "Finally, I would like to invite your church to keep praying and seeking God for ways in which you may assist us in setting up some pilot projects in Malaga and Madrid of home-based Christian Education." "Yours for the extension of His kingdom in Spain, Francisco G., Ph.D."

So now you know what I mean when I say that there may be some more adventures in Spain in the near future. This excites me. I am passionate about generational building. If in any way I can help someone grasp the importance of passing the baton I will do so.

Rick contacted this man last night via e-mail and will call him today as well. The Lord knows what will come of their conversation.

"Lord, let Your will be done in the hearts of the Spanish people. Let those little ones be raised up in You and carry the banner into the future. And if in any way You want us to aid You in this endeavor, we will obey. Amen."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back! You have been missed in a huge way!

It is exciting to hear how God is extending his mercy to the people of Spain by allowing them to see their need. Wow!! I will certainly join in praying about your family's involvement.

Love you!

8:06 AM  
Blogger Kathleen Moulton said...

Imagine influencing a whole culture. I found out that Spain is one of 4 nations that has legalized Gay marriages. (Belgium, Netherlands,and more recently, Canada) This is big stuff.

When we think beyond ourselves and see God's BIG picture and how it includes all of us, we are immediately stirred and awakened from our "slumber". It's what we've been made for...being part of something bigger than ourselves.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is so very cool.

5:15 PM  

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