Friday, June 10, 2005

Summertime Update

Is this hot, or what? Well, it is nothing compared to what we will experience in Spain, I suppose. And that's where I'll be in just 2 1/2 weeks. I am traveling with an 11 member team to Malaga, Spain for 10 days of ministry followed by 10 days in Madrid (Spain, that is!) I am excited about this adventure, although a bit frenzied by the month that it falls in. How does one prepare for 3 weeks abroad leading a ministry team and plan a wedding all at the same time? If you know of a book on such things, please send it my way!

Danica will be wed in two weeks and one day. Her new home is almost finished; an apartment across the block is quickly getting a last coat of paint and new carpeting. It will be absolutely wonderful to know that she is so close. She has been a best friend for years now, so having her near is such a treat. The upstairs apartment is open, sunny, and welcoming - just like her. A perfect first home for this new couple!

My Brietta is expecting baby number three in January. Some quick math will tell you that she is in the difficult three months. Tiredness has overwhelmed her and as many of you know, there is no escaping the care of the two little ones that need her. These are the times I wished I lived a bit closer - how I would love to play nanny for the next few weeks until she is over the hump!

Jamie is working full time at Patrick Henry College as a computer technician. I am proud of his ability and know that he will be blessed as he continues to build a strong resume in the computer world. But I sure miss him! And how we could use his extra hands as we tackle these house projects. Yet we know this is where he belongs - he is making his way in the world and Jesus is his goal. This is as good as it gets!

My Carina is busily establishing her goals as well. Not only is she keeping on track with her cosmetology schooling (she is doing a great job, by the way!) but she is preparing for an American Idol audition this summer. She loves music and singing, has talked about doing this for at least two years, and this is a good excuse to get back on track with practicing her singing. I am very happy about that. I feel that her voice is such a gift. If the audition yields nothing more than the opportunity to sing and grow, it will be well worth the effort. I think it will be a terrific experience no matter what!

Louissa and Julia are also heading to Spain with our team, so they are busy raising support and preparing (as well as working on the house and wedding!) They are also considering the trip to Nepal in August. That team is shaping up - the deadline for signing up is next Thursday. If you are interested, contact me ASAP and I will fill you in! We would love to have you along.

Meanwhile, Liana and Camilla continue to practice, read, play, entertain Merrick, and hopefully enjoy their childhood. They are special young ladies, for sure! They will spend some time in the Berkshires with Grandma and Grandpa, visiting the Norman Rockwell museum, swimming, watching TV, playing games, etc. Should be a nice summer outing.

Merrick plays all day. The concept of work still eludes him. I try, but I don't seem to have the time to keep him on task. He is such a busy little guy. One thing always leads to another, and he is rarely bored. Such a challenge, but such fun, such a blessing! That's our little man for you. He graduates from Kindergarten tonight. When hearing that he would wear a special hat, he looked at me with a serious and quizzical expression, asking if he would need to be ready to say something up front. I guess he has memories of Jamie's speech last year and figures he's more than up for the task!

Well, that was quite the update. Hope I didn't lose you all - but it has been a while since I filled you in on all the doings. Not that this was complete mind you. But neither you nor I have that much time!! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

merrick is so funny!

: )

5:09 PM  
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