Saturday, July 09, 2005

From the sunny Spanish shore

Finally! For the first time since I have arrived I am able to open my weblog! Hooray! I will, at least momentarily, be in touch with a Little Corner of My World!

For those who don't know what I am doing, I have been in Spain for 11 days and have 10 more to go. I am leading a team of wonderful young adults who are doing outreaches in the southern cities and soon in Madrid. It has been a learning time for all of us. I have never lead a missions team before or had to interface with ministries on my own. Tom Spyker, our contact here in southern Spain, has been a great help, but the Spirit of God has had to lead me in many new paths. It has been wonderful. The kids are learning how to keep relationships clean; daily we confess our needs to let go of offenses and cover sins for one another. They will have grown immensely in their ability to work with teams of people - this is invaluable growth in kingdom work. They will be even greater assets to the local church and I can envision many of them leading teams on their own with great skill and capability.

God has also enabled me to make some new contacts apart from Tom Spyker. He is up to something wonderful, I am sure of it. As it unfolds, I will share in more detail. Let it suffice to say that the church in Spain at large is in a place of hunger and need for vision regarding raising up the next generation. Because of the wonderful testimony our young people are presenting, some men have approached me with questions about education for Christian children. They are impressed with what they see in the team: their love for God, their relationships, their interaction with the church here. They know that they have all experienced, in some measure, a form of alternative education. The secular school system here in Spain is terribly lacking. They want to know what we've done. We shall see what comes of their interest. Keep it in prayer. Surely God has great plans for the next generation here in Spain as well as in the US. If in any way Rick and I can be used to facilitate growth and vision in this arena, we would be willing. And more than willing, we would be blessed and honored.

God does great things. I stand in awe as I watch the church in Spain and see His hand. I am amazed as I see these young people apply His principles and find them true. I am humbled by His willingness to use me. What a mighty God we serve.

In Madrid Spain or NY, He is worthy of all my praise and devotion.

Be blessed in your homes, work, and churches. I hope to be able to get access again before heading home, but if I don't, go to my Xanga account. That seems to be always accessable.

Thanks and keep us in your prayers.


Blogger sam said...

How wonderful to have you back at your regular spot and hear all that God is doing! :)

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds great mom! i'm praying for y'all : )

1:43 PM  
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