Thursday, June 02, 2005

Upside down again...

The house is most definitely upside down again. I am trying hard to keep the bedroom neat so Rick has at least one place of refuge - and the wonderful side porch as well. We are going to survive !

A baby shower was on my agenda today - a good reminder of Him and my continual need to look for Him in everything. He is always to be found, even in the smallest of details. At the shower a dear Christian woman prayed, remembering every detail of the birth process and praying comprehensively. She covered it all! I immediately considered my need to be more mindful of such things in prayer, and in measure, I do need to grow still in that area. But He reminded me of our differences. I need to pray faithfully, but not necessarily like her. We all see differently, respond uniquely, and express ourselves in varying ways. It is whether or not we come to Him in faith that matters.

So, I desire to grow more faithful in prayer. It is such an incredible tool. I need to be a good steward. Help me, Lord, to honor You, even in this.


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