Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We're Off and Running!

The hallway stairs are being sanded as I write in hopes of receiving paint and carpet soon, the front porch is sanded and will be painted tomorrow, the upstairs bath will have wallpaper removed tomorrow night and will get fresh golden yellow paint thereafter, the kitchen doors are being caulked in preparation for paint, sheetrock will be fitted and painted around the archway to the mudroom, the school cupboards were emptied and cleaned and moved to a new location, the new loft area will have the electrical finished and then will be cleaned, the gardens have been marginally attended to (Mom will need to mark out the new spots for turning sod and transplant some already too big delphiniums along with many other perennials), the hallway walls have been compounded once and will get another coat tomorrow also in preparation for painting. I think that may be the most of it. :)

The only other project is to get the outside of the house completely painted during the week of the 13th. Pray for good weather. A dear friend is taking a full week's vacation and will be here everyday to help us. Still seems impossible to me - this is one big house when you paint all the way around it! But prayerfully they will complete it.

Other than that, there is not too much left to do before the wedding (if you don't count planning a mission trip or two, complete with practice schedule!) When Louissa and I are on the class trip we hope to find shoes for the big day and any other odds and ends that need purchasing. I hope we are successful there, since I see no other opportunity for much shopping!

Well, enough of my nonsensical life. I hope yours is quiet and peaceful, although we all need these busy seasons as well. It definitely makes us more appreciative of those restful seasons!