Saturday, May 28, 2005

Flood Waters

I'm in the middle of what appears to be too much to handle. It's that season of stretching and depending again. The flood waters are rising. But He is my life line. He keeps me afloat and will bring help in due time.

"Have I prayed enough?" "Is my faith big enough?" "Did I do this soon enough?" "Dar, this is bigger than you."

The answers to the above questions and concerns are as follows: No. No, not always. No. Undoubtedly true.

These new undertakings are not because I have nothing else to do. Nor do they represent some great act of unshakable daring. I am not endeavoring adventures because of my total completeness or competence. Actually I am sorely lacking.

But I suppose that most any one of us who accomplishes something for God is no different. We know that He is the one who makes up the difference. When the equation is completed and I come up short, He supplies the need.

These are the answers to the above questions and concerns when the new answer is tallied: He is my covering. His faithfulness reaches to the mountains. It is never too late for God to move. Nothing is too big for Him.

Hallelujah! My day just started looking up!!