Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Day

An early morning guitar lesson with Julia. So very thankful to God for providing Dr. Rubio as a teacher. Who would ever imagine that one could find such a very high quality classical guitar teacher up here on the edge of the earth? God has him here for her, I am convinced. Now, I know that there are many other reasons he is here - the most important being his salvation - but he is also His provision for the needed preparation for her future. I am more and more convinced of the bigness of His plan, His ability to coordinate millions of details, and His providential hand. It is wonderful to see.

Phone calls for school planning. I am excited about a new venture (so what's new about that?) Will try to get some Shakespeare happening with a few other kids as well as mine. Should be fun and educational all at once. I love that!

A meeting with Margaret to plan a women's mentoring program. God wants to use everyone of us. There is so much work to do, and His body can get it done if we yield to His Spirit in obedience. Just play our part. No one else's. Just ours. If we all do that, it will all get done. A little bit here, a little bit there, and soon it is the whole. That is the strategy of Titus 2 and hopefully that will be the strategy of women's mentoring. It is a great plan. It is, after all, the Bible!

Grocery shopping for tonight's meal. A favorite daughter (I have 7 favorite daughters - how lucky of me!) and son-in-law (I have two favorite son-in-laws so far...) were able to join us. That always makes a meal more special! And our good friends the Nobles blessed us with fresh corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Yum!

Merrick was off to a birthday party. Mom really blew it and forgot about it until the hour before and it was too late to buy a gift. I feel really bad when I do such things. I want the kids to know how special birthdays and friends are. So I was struggling with failure. But God covers me so faithfully. As I was looking for something on Merrick's shelf I noticed the beautiful painted soldier we had just purchased for him from our weekend at Fort Ticonderoga. It was still in the box it came in. I brought it to Merrick and suggested that the soldier would make a perfect gift for his friend. I assured him that we could get him another one soon. He hesitated, but then agreed that Josh would love the soldier. So it was quickly wrapped and we were both pleased with such a special gift. Thank you, Lord.

Off to mid-week prayer at church. What a wonderful time in His presence we had! We worshipped, shouted, prayed earnestly, and encouraged each other in His plans for His people - us! We were all so excited by the time it was over; I felt totally re-energized. I needed that. He is so good!

Headed home to welcome in our newest boarder and help him get settled. David Perry has moved into Danica's old room. We have had people live with us since 1981. Why change now? It is a privilege to invest in people in such a way. And we receive as much as we give. I am looking forward to getting to know this young man. That is always the greatest treasure of all.

And now I am ready to turn in. Daughter#5 is on the phone with daughter #3. The giggling hasn't stopped since she said hello 20 minutes ago. I am glad they are friends. They are two of my favorite daughters, you know! :)

My day was made by Him. His faithfulness was seen throughout. His grace guided me through. And His blessings were abundant.

Makes me look forward to tomorrow. All because of Him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may try to call today, if I can squeeze some "visiting" in around my list of to-dos (I figure I'll have to lay on the couch for a little while at some point!). I was wondering if you've discovered anything regarding beds and such...

If I can determine what size bed Bronwyn will be in, I might try looking around for bedding here since I have more choices.

7:55 AM  

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