Thursday, August 11, 2005

Houses and lands and such

I have been house hunting for my daughter and her family. I guess I never thought of that part of the deal - I never realized that would "come with the territory" of raising children. But it has been fun. They are considering making an offer on a home that I love as do my other daughters.

Still, the daughter and son-in-law doing the purchasing haven't seen it in person. It is quite unnerving to think that our recommendation is critical. I am grateful that there is a sense of God's timing in it all - the house was recently purchased and renovated by some folks here in town. In fact, the finishing touches will be in place just in time for them to move!

I have watched the house and this process with much interest because it is an historical home, which is a passion of mine. Seeing unadulterated older homes lovingly restored is one of those things that "floats my boat"! Little did I know as I made regular visits to observe the project and offer my vote of approval to these new owners (as if they needed it - but still, they seemed pleased to find a "kindred spirit"), that soon my daughter would be considering an offer on the home! Time will tell...

Meanwhile, change is in the wind. God is on the move. The pieces to the puzzle are in the air and will soon land, creating a new picture here at CFC (my home church). Exciting times, for sure. And we will only make it through by letting go and letting Him put it altogether.

We are in His hand. Is there any better place?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish I could say that my times of laziness are because I've just expended all my energy on some meaningful project! It's just plain old laziness for me! Lael does a good job at getting me going on those down days, though.

It must be so exciting for you to envision the months ahead. Brietta and family coming home is wonderful - for your family and for the church. I know you must be so blessed.

1:55 PM  
Blogger sam said...

I always enjoyed the drive to church as there were many homes being renovated in Madrid. Seeing older homes lovingly restored floats my boat too. I hope to do it again someday. (I can't believe I just said that!) Probably on a smaller scale than what we did while there but I do find myself driving around town checking out the older homes and thinking "maybe in a year or two we could move into one of those".

How exciting for you all to have Brietta and her family closer!

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And we certainly appreciate all the house-hunting you've done! I think it may be paying off!!!!

5:26 PM  
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