Friday, August 12, 2005

Only Him

"You are my love and my life.
You are my inspiration."

Funny how all things seem to flow from Him or connect back to Him.

Decisions are not made apart from an awareness of who He is and what He loves. Attitudes and meditations are considered in the light of His word and His heart. A dependence and comfortable acceptance of His continuous provision shelter my soul. His thoughts color my world, His ways have begun to define my actions, the things He calls good are becoming more and more cherished, the things He despises are now despised. He is my all in all, my everything, my source for living.

Oh, to be more and more hidden in Christ. To decrease that He might increase. To have eyes set only on Him and never distracted.

"Lord, let my vision be filled only with You. May I see You alone. Let my heart be captivated only with Your great goodness. I want no counterfeits. I want no second best - indeed, there is no second best. There is truth and untruth. There is light and dark. There is right and wrong. God, let me have truth, light, and what is right. May You always and forever be my inspiration. You and You alone."


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