Tuesday, August 09, 2005

In and Out

This summer has been spent, and will continue to be spent, more away from home than at home. I have been to my own church twice since the wedding in June. I will be here this weekend then we head to LI for a visit with Rick's younger sister as well as some "playing at Central Park" time for Julia. We really felt it was something she should do this year, so... I guess obedience is what counts even if we don't know what in the world it could possibly produce.

At any rate, I find I need two days to unwind every time I return home, which means I am getting no house projects done, my homeschool plans are hit and miss, the gardens are a mess, and I haven't handed in the receipts from Spain yet. I think that if traveling is ever a part of my routine I will need to streamline all maintenance needs. A small home, minimal yard, simple bookkeeping, etc. Yup. I think I can see it already. Forget this stuff about having a big house for all the grandkids. If I travel, I think I will let my daughters own the big house and just join them there! - I always have things all planned out. Funny that God doesn't just ask me how it should all go....:)

So, one more trip, then I think I should be here to stay for a while. Of course, that is until Carina heads to her audition for American Idol (if that is still the plan.) I am committed to that and wouldn't miss it for anything. That will be mid-Sept. in Chicago (or is it Boston?) Either way, I will be there for her. She is my princess, you know!

Today Danica and I will look at a house for Brietta. Then I will work on homeschool plans for the fall semester. I want to do a Shakespeare club for my kids and some friends. We may also join in with another family to study the history of science and do monthly get togethers for experiments and reports. This homeschool stuff really can be fun and creative. I hope to spark a renewed love for learning here at the homefront. The workbook syndrome had become the norm around here, and that can be a bit dull for me. Consequently it is dull for them. Moms really do set the tone, so be excited about learning and they may just catch the enthusiasm from you!

Nepal, China, NYC, and Spain. Our church has had folks in all these places this summer. We will have a special evening set aside this fall to hear from all the participants. I don't know, but I think it will be quite exciting! It's always good to look up and out - don't get caught with your head down and in. You will miss the bigness of our God and lose perspective altogether. Your little world is not the center of it all; He is!! I, for one, am so very glad about that.

May you and yours be blessed today as you serve the King of Kings.


Blogger sam said...

Homeschool plans...yeah, I need to do that too.

10:57 AM  
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