Friday, July 29, 2005

Traveling again

I woke up yesterday morning and decided it was as good a weekend as any to head to Pittsburgh for a visit with my daughter and her family. So off we went, Mom and four kids. Sometimes spontaneity is just fine. Other times, it throws me for a loop!

Everyone is out shopping except Merrick and me. So I will take advantage of the fact that new toys have totally captured his imagination and spend a few minutes here with you!

Time to let the cat out of the bag: I will not be doing a musical this year. After much agonizing I have been released by God and others. My heart was aching over the missed opportunity for so many students. But it was aching even more acutely to see a good year completed in our home with my own kids. And that is my first priority. I still hope to bring many good things to the students at CFA, but not a full length musical this year. I know there will be some disappointment, but God is faithful and will provide everything we need.

In turn, I am feeling exuberance regarding the coming school year. Many ideas have been rumbling around - a Shakespeare club, American poet gatherings, history display night - just to name a few. I can hardly wait to dig in and get my kids excited about these academic endeavors. And, of course, we will get back on track with music lessons. That's always a given in our household.

Time with God in prayer and in His word always blesses and strengthens me. Funny how it always comes back to that same old thing. You would think it would be exactly that - old and tiresome. But when I need refreshing, encouragement, newness of heart - whatever! - off to Him I go and I am never disappointed. He is most definitely our all in all.

Merrick has just shown up with two videos in hand. "No, we stayed home so you could try out the new toys without interruption. We did not stay home to watch videos." More disappointment from my hand. That comes with being in a place of leadership.

Funny how hard it is to experience flesh dying. No matter the age, it is difficult. But we do learn to embrace the difficulty more readily once we experience the newness of life - His life - on the other side of that death. We begin to treasure His ways more than our own. Definitely much better. Infinitely better.


Blogger Paul said...

I know what you mean about leadership and hard choices. I have felt that for sometime now as I have to let people know that I'm headed in a new direction that will affect them. I can still remember the shock that they expressed. They felt abandoned, but I know that God will be with them and they can grow beyond where I could take them. If I didn't know that I was following a divine plan, I think I think I would have reconsidered the move to do PhD work. But the Lord knows best and I pray the best for you as you change gears and the best for CFA as I know there will be some who will miss the musical.

9:05 AM  
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