Sunday, July 31, 2005

Living In His Ways and Loving It

I am a truly blessed woman.

I am crazy about my husband - madly in love more than ever - delighting in marriage and His plan for a man and a woman to live in covenant for all their days. This just keeps getting better. Could anyone love more than we do?

I am thrilled beyond measure with my children - proud and pleased - enjoying the discovery of each new treasure held within these vessels. The gifts and talents, character and love for God seem to be ever increasing. Every day brings some new delight. Could a mom be happier?

I am fulfilled in my creative outlets - still finding my own strengths - serving the Kingdom in new endeavors and adventures. Could any woman feel more liberation and fulfillment?

A few short decades ago I was held captive by feminism and all its empty promises. I was unhappy in relationships, insecure about future plans, and miserable with my self-absorbed ways. Instable, egocentric, unsure, and on the verge of emotional breakdown, I traded it all in for this life I now live.

Was this an instant exchange? Rome was not built in a day; neither was my mind instantly renewed.

Have there been agonizing challenges along the way? I would be a liar to say there weren't.

Does this life require daily death to self? It does not exist apart from death.

Would I do it all again? In a heartbeat - and even sooner if I could.

Oh, what joy is mine - in Him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Darlene,
I have heard tidbits of your testimony along the way, and I really appreciate your sharing of your heart. You again, always help to point the way to God's best. Feminism is a topic that can be inflammatory, as seen in many different places. God's description of us is best...not man's (or woman's)....

7:51 AM  
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