Thursday, August 04, 2005

Home for today

I arrived home from Pittsburgh on Tuesday and left that very evening for a "just you and me" getaway with my favorite man. We spent 36 hours just enjoying each other's company. It's been a while since we could do that - now I feel a bit spoiled!

So I'm home here on Thursday viewing my youngest son's new haircut (self-initiated) and catching up online with friends. I need to get busy because tomorrow we will head out as a family to Fort Ticonderoga where hubby and daughter will play in a fife and drum corps at the annual muster there. It should be an entertaining weekend. The Olde Guard, Colonial Willaimsburg Corps, and a host of other fabulous groups will be marching and playing throughout our time there. And, of course, our very own Long Rapids Fife and Drum will be playing as well. The tenting will even be fun since most of the kids will be there (the young ones, that is...)

Sorry this is just plain newsy, but wanted to catch you all up on my doings. Sooner or later I will be home to stay for a while. I need to order curriculum and get some other planning done. And I won't even think about the shrubs I bought before the wedding that are still not planted! Yikes!

Some acquaintances lost their 7 year old son in an accident at an amusement park. Another family found a son dead along the road after he slipped out of the house to skateboard. What devastation - true devastation. Pray for them if you would. "Lord, only You can bring peace in these situations. Let these parents and families turn to You and find You to be an ever present help in trouble. Somehow take this devastion and make something of eternal value from it. Be their comfort, oh Lord."

He is our strong tower. There is none other.


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