Saturday, September 08, 2018

A Favorite Lesson

Once upon a time I was a young college student. (It's true! Admittedly, it was so long ago that it would be best counted in decades.) And as a young college student some wise words were shared with me that have stuck with me through the years and have been a game changer more than once.

"You don't have to be willing. You simply have to be willing to be made willing."

Yes. Read that again. Let its face value meaning sink in. It is not deep or difficult. Its simplicity is actually deceptive.

Bottom line: Come to Him honestly. Admit that you are not always excited about His commands, His will, His request, His Word even. Admit it.

Next, confess that you don't feel willing or able to embrace the truth He is showing you.

But then humble yourself and simply say, "But I will bow the knee; I will submit to You. Would you change my heart and help me? Would you make me willing to obey? I want to bless you, but I'm unable to change my own heart. You are my only hope. I am willing to be made willing. Would you do that for me?"

I have walked in that truth numerous times and in countless situations when confronted by the Word of God in ways that were unpleasant, difficult, and overwhelming.

That simple truth has changed my life, resulting in heart changes and new directions that I would never have imagined possible.

And today I read this in the Psalms. Psalm 51.12b to be precise.
"...make me willing to obey you."
Words He loves to hear. Such words embody humbleness, dependence, acknowledgement of His truth, confession of human insufficiency. This invitation to the Holy Spirit to come and do what we cannot do for ourselves releases power and transformation.

Don't fake it by saying, "Sure God, whatever you say. I'm ready!" if you're not.
Don't try to talk yourself into a heart change regarding some very distasteful truth with which you are confronted.
Don't believe the lie that says you have to fix it on your own; you are not able in every situation to do that.

Dishonesty, pride, and deception can keep you from empowerment and transformation.
Humbleness of heart, dependence upon Him, and a yielding of that heart to His hands for a reshaping is what He loves. It is the sacrifice He longs for.

A favorite lesson that has made me who I am today, allowed me to walk in His holy ways, delivered me and released His empowerment in my life.



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