Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Ecclesiastes to the Rescue

Scripture always tells it like it is. Gets right to the heart of the matter. Cuts to the chase.
It is the original reality check, if you will.

My husband and I are selling 1942, our home of 34 years for us, our children, and much celebration of life. To say there are occasional waves of nostalgia and grief might be an understatement. We are saying good-bye to an extremely special season that we have thoroughly loved.

But God is faithful. To keep us from overindulgence in nostalgia, to hold us back from wallowing if you will, He sends His word. Faithful to divide asunder soul and spirit, sharper than a two-edged sword, it does the intended work. And how thankful I am once again.

This morning I shed a tear as I viewed a video made by my daughter chronicling a bit of life here at 1942 for the past three decades. How precious to recall and to honor God for all He did in our midst. But, I was tempted to (if you'll excuse the term) wallow.

Until Ecclesiastes 7.10 came to mind:
Don't long for "the good old days." This is not wise.
 And Ecclesiastes 10.1:
As dead flies cause even a bottle of perfume to stink, 
so a little foolishness spoils great wisdom and honor. 
So there it was. It is not wise to sit around longing for the past. It is foolishness to do so.
And a little foolishness will spoil any wisdom you may have received and any honor you hope to offer.

Therefore, bear this in mind: Take time to honor, but then be done.

Move on. Look up. See His plan. It does not end here. In fact, this is just the preliminary, the preparation. The wedding is forthcoming.

Thank you, Lord. Your faithfulness to this handmaiden is astounding and precious. You care for us daily and we are orphans no longer when we come to You. Your counsel, love, and guidance never cease as You prepare us for eternity with You.


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