Saturday, September 01, 2018

In Summation

I just want to serve Him.

Some days I may have no clear inspiration, no plans, no wants. But most days - nearly everyday I have wishes and desires. Plans and dreams.

Family. Hearth and home.
Career. Ministry.
Adventure. Travel.
Music. Academics.
Politics. Power.

Many things may intrigue. But what of it? They all disappear in the end. I may even have great vision for a long life, a passion to live for many many years. But what of it? How very different is 75 years from 105 years? What is thirty years more? A blink of an eye? A breath, a deep sigh at most.

Heroes from yesteryear are old now or gone. John Glen, Ronald Reagan. Paul McCartney and Meryl Streep. Even Hillary Clinton. And Tom Hanks. Old.

Younger faces now make the movies, sing the songs, give stirring speeches both good and bad. Do they know how quickly it will go? Have they seen and understood? I pray they will.

I sit here this morning with a realization that I hold my dreams and visions loosely because compared to Him, the Eternal God who has always existed, who holds all things including time and universe in His hand, the one who is Love itself and is always just and merciful -- compared to Him my deep passions and hopes pale, my larger than life dreams are small, my strength is so very insufficient.

I may make plans for a long life of vitality with great accomplishments yet to come, of children who prosper and nations that are free, of victories over darkness - but what these eyes will see is known only to Him. Who can say?

And so, in all reality it comes to this. Life here is momentary. He, the embodiment of Love itself, is forever. I just want to serve Him with every day and every breath. Here or there, now and then. If I have another minute or 100 years, may they all be His.


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