Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Home Shapes Us, So Shape a Happy Home

"A wise woman builds her house..."

For the most part women are to be the keepers of the home. An awesome, demanding, incredibly impactful task. Perhaps one of the most important jobs ever. As keepers of the home we build culture, fashion people, nurture life. We cultivate, manage, designate, govern, design, forge, establish, produce, initiate home.

Home. Place of shelter, refuge. Secure and safe. Greenhouse for nurturing.

We carefully shape home because we know that home, in return, will shape us all.

How critical. Vital. Actually, it is a life altering accomplishment.

What we say in our homes. How we serve and love in our homes. The care we give. The patient gentleness we practice. Whether we respond with mercy and grace. The joy we express to God.

These are all actions. These are also seeds. Seeds planted. They will bear fruit. If they are the seeds mentioned, good fruit is produced. Happy hearts are cultivated. Healthy whole people are shaped.

"A wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands." Lean on Him, look to him, and allow Him to build through you. His grace is sufficient.

Take care today and tomorrow, next week and the following months and years, of how you shape your home. Because mark my words, it will shape you and yours in return.


Blogger Unknown said...

Beautiful! I appreciate the loose poetic devotional form of your words. There is so much truth in your words! God bless you and your household as you mentor many and are a beacon of His Light!

7:48 PM  
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