Monday, January 03, 2011

The Right Corner of the Ring

A season of warfare. I understand that there are seasons in life. Seasons come and go. When in the midst of a season, we cannot know for sure exactly how much longer that season will be. There are signs, of course, if one can read them. But we don't have the details of change: when, how, and what.
But one thing is certain - the season will come to an end and there will be transition to a new season in time.

For now, I'm in a season of warfare. I am realizing that I must learn to hear His voice and trust in His keeping power no matter what the season. I don't need to, indeed I shouldn't, wait for a particular season to end in order to experience joy and peace in His love. It is there for me now.
So. It's warfare. Sword and shield time in a most aggressive way.

God reminded me tonight that although the enemy would flaunt power, shout big ugly lies, and carry on as though he were important he is actually miniscule by comparison to my great big God. His power was, after all, created by my Redeemer, the Creator of the universe. He is a liar, a wimp, a loser. He is all air. A big noise but so small next to my Dad. My Dad can take him anytime He wants. He just lets him vaunt himself every now and then for our sake. It causes our faith to grow, lets us flex our spiritual muscles, and always brings Him glory in the end. He is a Loser (with a Capital L.) This Loser thinks he has so much on us, but every bad thing he tries to do to us is turned around by God for our good.

So although the season has not yet concluded, I was reminded of how the conclusion will play out. So I'll keep at it until that comes. Good to be in the winner's corner in times like these.


Blogger Jenn said...

Thank you for posting this... I really needed to hear this during this season of my life. Blessings

10:15 AM  
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