Sunday, October 17, 2010

Too Much Food

It seems to have happened, that malady of old age showing signs of asserting ownership over my physical body.

First were the few stray gray hairs at the temple. Wrinkles gave indication of another symptom. Elasticity was dissipating. Next I was aware of subtle and not so subtle aches and pains. "I never had these before. Wonder what I did?" I recall this musing upon more than one occasion. I am slow to catch on at times.

Finally the revelation. I put it all together one morning, realizing that it added up to an obvious conclusion: I am getting older. It has happened to me -- even me.

Continued revelation has followed. I no longer need any where near as much food intake as I once did. If I seemed slow at other conclusions, I was really slow at this one. The hardest part of this dilemma is our culture; we don't readily make allowances for small meals. People love to eat, and they also love to have you eat lots with them. It is hard not to feel rude. But I really cannot eat as much if I hope to stay energetic. I get plain downright lethargic when I overeat. And, of course, chubby.

So, if you invite me over for coffee or lunch, remember that my small portion is no reflection of your cooking. It is a reflection of my reality: old.

Well, older, anyway.


Anonymous Lori Ruehle said...

I am experiencing all those symptoms, too :)...maybe a couple decades too soon?

11:17 AM  

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