Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Because I Love Them

I look at my children, one by one. I love them so deeply it hurts. Tears, heart pangs, and waves of emotion.


If I thought they never experienced disappointment, fear, hurt, or pain, I might possibly be free from this.
But no.
If shared days of deep joy would never end, I think I would not have agony.
But no.
When we reach Heaven's bliss and worship forever, I think the ache will be gone.
Yes, finally.

Eternity will be ours. Sin will be no more. Pure delight and peace and joy forever more. All of this and so much more He has won for us.

This my heart wants for them.

Because they are mine and I love them.


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Anonymous NordVPN 3 Year said...

We all love our children so much. Being a parent, you are forever sentenced to be worried about your children's life. The fear , the pain , which our kids go through are all part of our life now.

11:59 PM  

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