Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Call Me a Fanatic

In the midst of preparing a musical for 110+ students (as you can see, I've not even taken a precise head count) I am distracted.

This morning I, along with some trusty fellow companions, plowed into a costume shop which is in disarray. My daughter met me there (she has been conscripted -- pretty willingly, I must say -- to do costumes for this extravaganza.) We talked about how to get 110 kids to wear castle garb without spending an arm and a leg and without devoting every waking moment to sewing machines and stitches. Can I say, it looks daunting, but I LOVE costumes!

I am meeting another daughter who is overseeing the instruction of song to 50 of the above mentioned students. We will talk arrangements and staging.

Then I will get together with two other daughters to choreograph large group numbers.

I also met today with the set designer, who has her hands full if she hopes to do all that she and the art students hope to accomplish. She has 5 Fridays (come to think of it, that's what I have, too.) She has plans for transforming our gymnatorium into a Medieval castle of grand and glorious proportions. I wholeheartedly approved her every dream. I hope they come true!

So where is the distraction? As I sat in the office for a 15 minute rest, I discovered that a script I'm considering for next spring's production had arrived for perusal. Soon I was lost in the music and characters laid out in black and white on those pages. Uh, oh. They had already come to life! Instead of talking about Good King Wenceslas, I found myself babbling to the secretary about Cinderella's cat and the Stepmother's song! "What are you talking about?" she asked. Enthusiastically I announced that this show would be so much fun!!! In disbelief she rolled her eyes and chuckled.

Yup, not even near the finish line yet and I'm on to the next race. There's something wrong here. Seriously wrong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about calling you 'Wonderful'. :)
Have a blessed weekend!

7:21 PM  
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