Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can We Enjoy Art Without Excess?

I love theater, in case you were unaware. A great Broadway tune, a corny schtick, tap dance, jazz moves -- I love it all. The costumes, the lights, a sappy story. And choreography galore. There cannot be such a thing as too much dance!

I recently attended a local production that had all of this and more, delightfully executed. A real treat. Except for one thing: unnecessary vulgarity.

Bumping and grinding, cross-dressing and drinking, jokes with prostitutes. Innuendo upon innuendo. Too much.

Where have we stooped that we cannot envision comedy that isn't low and coarse? Why do we need to spice everything up in this way?

It was a disappointment. I love song and dance. I love a good story, a humorous scene. But please leave out all the extra goodies. Less is more.


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