Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wow. This is too much.

KETK-NBC news anchors ask: “Will the acceptance of homosexuality in this society be the downfall of America?”

"So?" you ask. "What's the problem? They're taking a survey, getting the audience input. Happens all the time in this land of free speech. So?"

I discovered this info on a site demanding that NBC drop this local Texas TV affiliate because this is intolerable, apparently. The site asserted the following:

Yes, that was a question actually posed to viewers by a Texas-based NBC affiliate TV station, both on the air and online. But it didn’t end there.
Oh, no, it didn't end there. The station then proceeded to have the gall to actually allow callers to answer this question! How dare they? Didn't they know that some people might actually believe that cultural embracing of homosexuality as a legitimate and healthy lifestyle will be the downfall of America? What about that? Some people may voice this opinion and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

It's clearly acceptable to voice the opposite opinion. But agreement in this case is anathema! Agreement is automatically touted as violent hate speech. There is no acknowledgment of the possibility to love and still oppose. We have forgotten that the best parents say "no" out of deep love and faithfulness to their children. We equate love with allowance. Love is NOT the same as allowance. NOT.

I think it is going to require much boldness in the very near future to speak definitively regarding a Biblical position on this issue: much boldness, much faith and confidence, and a clear mind.

I'm thinking we need to carefully teach our children. What about you?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is SO close to my heart because I have a niece who is a practicing homosexual and have experienced chastisement from her her and her family. While having a very loving conversation where my niece's mother told me and asked me about her daughter's life style, I expressed that I believed in what the Bible teaches on homosexuality. We ended the conversation by saying "I love you" to each other.(It was a good I thought) However, since that conversation, my dear brother-in-law and sister-in-law are now "distant" and somewhat estranged....having ignored us on important family issues. What started as a very loving (in Christ) phone conversation, later has turned into ignoring us and us being cut off from any relationship with them. It was okay before they knew how we felt or what we believed but we're now viewed as intolerant. Very sad. What if I had just acted like I thought her life style (and a baby now in the picture from a sperm donor),was okay.... would I have been accepted by them then?? We can't show "love" to our kids by saying that we "accept" their lifestyle choice. Love is saying that we still "love" them but not the decisions and sins they choose to make and live with. Your thoughts??

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Blogger Darlene Sinclair said...

We always love the sinner. But that does not mean we can condone what God calls sin as something to be pursued. It is to be viewed as sin, and recognized as our reason for needing a Savior. Jesus alone can rescue us ALL from the sin by which we've been tainted -- you, me, and everyone. It is so hard for people to see that tolerance of sin is not Biblical. Love for people is, but not tolerance. Jesus called sin sin and made provision for forgiveness accordingly.

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