Monday, August 23, 2010

Fresh Winds Blowing

God is good to visit with new beginnings. Sometimes I wonder if they'll really come, but they do. If we wait, anticipate, long for, and yield to the Spirit, He comes, bringing winds of refreshing.

Fall has become a routine-setting season. For the past few years I've doggedly played along, making schedules, reorganizing cupboards, setting a new pace. But the sense of freshness and excitement hasn't permeated the discipline. Now don't get me wrong, folks, discipline has its place -- but me? I like excitement more.

I'm excited this fall. I've reclaimed some old goals, gotten back on my game with a vision for administration around here, and I love the homeschool history syllabus for the year. Not to mention I'll be directing a full length Christmas musical for 100 students or so. Some might think that sounds horrific, but it's energizing me!

At any rate, the wind is here. And I'm putting out my sails and going for it!


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