Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Travel Journal

We are staying at the Wycliffe House in Algeciras, Spain. We currently are in the basement bedrooms, sharing the kitchen and common living area with Steve and Lorraine Johnson from Texas, and Trevor from Arizona. They are in the upstairs bedrooms.

I have done a bit of grocery shopping in a local store, fixed our breakfasts and a few suppers here. This morning I set about to do 4 loads of laundry, much of which was hung out to dry. But since I prefer "dryer" dried clothes for the most part, I did succumb to purchasing some time for jeans and some cotton shirts. They are just softer as a result.

On to Baelo Claudio, the most comprehensive Roman ruins on the Iberian peninsula. One can stroll the main street of this fishing town which was settled in the 2nd century AD and abandoned following an earth quake in the 6th century. The theater and temples, forum and fish salting factories are in good form; one can readily imagine the culture and rhythms of this small community. It is supposed that it was home to 2000 persons. Fascinating. Beautiful. Isolated, except for the sea and those fabulous Roman roads. Remains of the aqueduct and Roman baths are still in place. Wonders. Food for thought and inspiration for imagination.

We left the ancient world behind, momentarily. Our next spot was Tarifa, southern most tip of Europe. Here one looks across the Mediterranean to the northern shore of the continent of Africa. More amazement. Merrick was enthralled. We strolled through the medieval walls, of which one gate is yet standing. On the sea side is the Guzman castle built in 960 AD. The ancient streets are narrow and winding. We were lost, but it is small enough that you need not worry. Just stick to following the wall, and you are bound to find your vehicle -- we discovered that is true!

Tomorrow we are off to Gibraltar by day and Estepona by night. We will sight see and then minister at an evening mid-week service with Dick and Ruth Flores. Exciting days, for sure!


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please give Dick & Ruth my love! They are wonderful laborers in the gospel.

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