Saturday, April 17, 2010


The voice is rusty. No, really. Voices get rusty. I just wonder how "cleaned up" they can get. Here's the problem with my attempts: I get overly zealous. I know, I know. Hard to imagine. (Ahem...)

Here's my style: I pull out the volumes of show tunes, make a mental list of all the old favorites as well as several new ones to be learned -- and then I plow through the list. Every last one of them, sight-reading full voice and all that. I've warmed up a bit, of course, but the singing is such pure delight, the tones sound decent, and in no time I overuse, abuse, and in general leave myself with a slightly raspy lower voice and high notes that are a bit tired and squeezed. Hmmm...

Self-control. Slow warming up, careful pacing as I get back in the saddle. Since when has that ever been my approach?

Well, it just may need to be these days. I wonder if I will manage that? ;)


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