Sunday, February 21, 2010


Tapestry Church has been home for my daughter's family for the past 13 months. I'm just meeting these folks. The pastor is a wonderful man who speaks of God's kingdom with passion and genuine care. He lives for God's Word, teaches His love, and challenges his flock to do the same. Does it get any better? I look forward to eternity when time and space no longer will separate us from such wonderful saints; we will with one voice and in one place bring worship to His throne. Oh, Glorious Day!

I have met numerous friends who hope to make the trip to NNY one day. I smile knowingly, but deep inside I always hope that they will come. I love these new folks and want to share more of life with them. Please let them come, dear Lord!

The boys are resting, Mama is closing her eyes and laying her head on one of the few remaining pillows, Ry Guy and I are online. Soon we will stir ourselves up and head to the remaining bastion of overwhelming stuff -- the garage! It is cold and damp. Far from ideal weather for outdoor packing, but one does these things when pushed to it!

Tomorrow the packers arrive, we clean the house thoroughly, then two ladies and two boys will tuck ourselves into bed at a hotel. A shuttle will carry us to the airport at 4:30 a.m. the next morning. By 5:00p.m we are scheduled to be arriving in Ottawa. Hurray!

I love a good novel. Chapters end, often with loose ends undone, beckoning your continued reading. When stories are still unfolding that is only natural. So today a chapter closed; some good-byes lingered, some were left unsaid but understood, all included open-ended invites. Only time will reveal the story's final ending.

Good authors keep you eager until the last sentence's conclusion. Our God does so much more -- His story lasts forever.


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When does Ryan get to join his family?

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