Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Banner

The day of travel had been grueling. Sickness, delays, tired children, and lost luggage all added up to exhaustion. I'm not one to wish my days away, but this one could not end too soon.

My very own husband, her bestest Dad, and their wonderful Papa met us at the Ottawa airport. He had already gathered up our luggage from baggage claim before we crossed the threshold. Gladly he scooped up a three year old who ran full speed into his waiting arms. "Ah -- my rescuer is here. Everything will be okay!" I breathed a sigh of relief as tears stung my weary eyes.

The final leg of our journey was not short, but it was a respite from long lines and tired airline personnel faces. Rick filled us in on happenings at home and listened to our saga. I rested with eyes closed, trying to reclaim a sense of well-being. My tummy did not cooperate, nor did my head, but at least I was in my honey's care now.

At last we crossed the bridge into St. Lawrence county; little Jameson began taking inventory. Somehow, at the age of three, he is keenly aware that his life is drastically changing. Acute observations were made. He noted, "Mom, where are all the houses?" "MOM! MOM! There's a railroad!" "Where is the farm? I see a broken house." Upon seeing a huge barn with lights fully lit he was told it was full of cows. "Oh... where are the tows?" His little mind busily assimilated these sights as though it were for the first time.

Soon we were in familiar territory, and upon passing a little yellow house we heard, "Gabriel lives there!"

As we pulled up to 1942 there was no place to park. We settled for a standing place, knowing the borrowed van would soon be returned anyway. Inside I noted rushing movement from the family room. "They are all there getting ready for us!"

We collected two boys and a handful of bags. From the porch could be heard giggles and last minute instructions. At last the red door swung open, revealing a familiar and brightly lit hallway. At the end was strung a festive multi-colored banner declaring HURRAY! THEY'RE HERE TO STAY! Cheery faces smiled as the gathered crowd called out in loud unison, "Welcome home Danica, Jameson, and William!"

The Sinclair family knows how to celebrate. And 1942ers do, too!

Ah. We were home at last. HOME TO STAY!


Blogger Cathy said...

Hurray! We are thrilled they are home too!

11:28 AM  
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