Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Stuff that I have been thinking about lately:

1) Generational building. A phrase that became popular in the church in the recent past. Praying about my part in stirring up a passion for the next generation once again. It is vital. It is paramount. It is His heart.

2) My kids. They are growing into adults with adult-sized hearts and minds and plans and doings. Whew! Prayer is the only way I can invest consistently. So I pray.

3) Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds. This famous and wealthy man is coming to my house today for lunch and dinner. No, it's not because of me. He's coming because he heard Julia and liked what he heard. So now he wants to meet the fam. Interesting. Isn't that interesting? I'll let you know how it goes. But it's definitely on my mind this morning!

4) Taxes. Economy. Healthcare. I only know these things for sure: I don't like exorbitant taxes and I have no idea of what US economy will look like five years from now. I definitely would not be surprised by horrific changes. But I'm in His hand.

5) Ancient world history. Egyptian, Greek, and Roman in particular. It is what we are studying this year at the Sinclair Academy of Fine Arts (well, for history, that is.) I am thoroughly enjoying the discovery of more "new" old things! Just finished reading The Egyptian by Mike Waltari. It was quite interesting to me as I am reading through portions of the Old Testament that correlate in time period with the setting of this novel. It brought the reality of this world to life for me. Unfortunately, it was not pretty. But it was real.

6) Summer months. Anticipating time with my younger set here at home as well as work on my role in Annie. Looking forward to gardens, grills, and good times!

A myriad of other odds and ends filter through the cracks of my mind (and it is quite cracked...)
But we will let them sift through unannounced. When the dust settles I will let you know.