Friday, March 05, 2010


We have so very much to be thankful for in every day. Some days the obvious is overshadowed by grievous disappointments, but even so, it is there. Life, sunshine, God's love which never fails, provision of all sorts -- the list is practically innumerable.

But the other day as I began recounting my list of gratitude to Him, I suddenly found myself thanking Him for always being praise worthy. How glad I was to know a God who is always deserving of my adoration, always above reproach, never deserving of complaint but ever high and lifted up, allowing me to always have an upward glance, a heightened focus. I can look above all these earthly circumstances as I fasten my gaze on His Holiness and Beauty, His Love and Greatness.

I can always and forever look up. My focus is riveted upon Him; He is High and Holy, Great and Glorious. How much better to see Him than this broken world! How glad my heart is to know a God always in that place of deserving the greatest and highest praise!

Oh my! What a view we have in Him!