Sunday, January 31, 2010

His Will

It trumps all. It's what really matters when all else is said and done. It is the big question for those who are true Kingdom seekers. It is the thing that will be declared when life is finished, the race is over: did you yield to His will?

Yesterday I heard a man read these words: "I WILL BUILD MY CHURCH."

That is a God quote. His will is plainly declared. We can be a part of that if we understand that His goal and purpose is to build. Not much else matters. Are we here or there? Fulfilling our dreams or missing out? Scratching that itch or focusing on Him? The thing that really matters is accomplishing His purpose for our lives. And it is a glorious purpose, to be sure.

May His will be done in our lives. Let Your will be done in mine. Hear our cry, Oh Lord. Take us, purge us, change us, mold us -- do what You need to do. But USE us to build Your church, Oh, Lord!