Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nutrition For The Whole Man

Cotton candy. Potato chips. Cheeze Doodles. Soda pop.

A diet of such things ruins an appetite for the good stuff. Did you know that? The more you eat that stuff on a regular basis the more you crave it. And nutritional foods with benefits not only don't matter, they just plain don't appeal.

TV shows. Movies. Video games. Facebook apps.

A diet of such things ruins an appetite for the good stuff as well. The beneficial activities no longer appeal. Who wants to read a book when they can veg in front of the TV? And why go out to a concert or get up and clean when snuggling under a blanket with that favorite DVD is available? So this morning we collectively agreed that perhaps we have been overly indulgent. Quite overly indulgent. So no TV, movies, video games were viewed tonight. And guess what? Bedrooms were cleaned, girls knitted scarves and wrote songs on guitars and made brownies and did laundry and finished some recording projects.

Hooray for nutritional food! Hooray for beneficial activities! They keep the body, soul, and spirit healthy.


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