Saturday, January 02, 2010

Too Good to End

I find myself still savoring the holidays. So many friends, parties, songs, and gifts. But most of all the family was here. I love being together.

This morning there were no little boys greeting me, no red-headed first-born making coffee. Yesterday they got on a jet plane and flew far away. But, boy, did we have fun. I will miss, miss, miss them.

Yesterday three lovely girls named Carina, Louissa, and Julia headed to the Clinton County Correctional Facility to visit a dear cousin, my very own nephew. He made some wrong choices and now is facing the consequences. Eleven years left to go. They cheered his day, his week. He received the series of books I sent him for Christmas from Amazon. He had requested them; years ago when he was younger I sent the first three to him for Christmas. He remembered they were clearly Biblical allegory and requested the remaining books. Since it had been a long time, I decided to order the entire series. Although the writing is juvenile fiction, they are interesting writing. Besides, he has already lent them out to fellow inmates. This is material suitable for most of their reading levels. The girls said that Kenny smiled in the telling, saying that the borrowers have no idea that these books follow the Bible so perfectly. I'm so glad to know the delivery was accomplished.

Some very dear long distance friends are around for another day or two. Another nephew is as well. So the holiday atmosphere lingers a bit. We're still in "vacation house" mode around here. A sledding party is being planned, some wintertime baking. Brietta and her family are home from a week away. They will find their way here, I suspect, for some games, playing, and movies. That sounds just right to me.

Perhaps a decoration or two will be put away today, but I doubt it. I will gladly hold out on routine for the time being. These days together are too special to hurry away from.