Monday, January 18, 2010

Bright Yellow, Light Yellow. Mellow Yellow.

Louissa is painting. Experimenting and painting. The first coat was too bright. Now she is going lighter. Mellower, in my humble opinion.

The best part of painting a bedroom? Sorting, eliminating, re-organizing. That's the best part, in my humble opinion.

Tall school cupboards, built for yours truly for our tenth anniversary years ago, are getting fresh paint, doors removed, and will now be open shelving for countless sweaters, pants, etc. White outside panels, icy blue paint within -- that is fun, in my humble opinion.

A new chandelier, something current and a bit trendy, needs to be found. NEEDS, I said. And that, too, is my humble opinion.

So, that's about enough of my opinions. At least for now.


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