Monday, November 05, 2007

Our Annual Outing

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Syracuse with honey by my side. We've been Christmas shopping and will continue tomorrow until the stores kick us out and send us home.

This is always such a treat. Not only do we buy nice things for favorite people, we also spend time together.

Tonight we sat and shared a quiet meal, laughing and catching up on friends' lives. We talked all the way here of sabbatical plans, goals for our home, dollars saved and how to use them (wedding fund got my number one vote - we still have five unmarried daughters you know), children's future plans, etc. I cried a bit, he smiled and consoled and assured me that was alright to do, too.

Bulging shopping bags sit in the corner of the room waiting for morning inspection and re-evaluation. Lists will be checked and plans for the day will be set. I think I've made some good purchases. So far so good.

Will check in on the other side!


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