Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do you know the song "Stop the World I Want to Get Off!"? I am feeling that way right about now. But I have a husband whose world is even busier. He needs me to lend something stable here at home. How, I do wonder. But I know that He who calls me will equip me. He will meet me here, in my heart, in the midst of it all. He will join me in the quiet recesses of that inner place. It is all that is left to me in this busy season. But it is enough.

The peace of God, even in these times. I know it is mine. So I will retreat somehow in the midst of the whirling activity surrounding me. Books, dishes, cooking, laundry, cleaning, chauffeuring, planning, ordering, conversation, shopping, wrapping, caring, writing, reading - on and on it goes. On and on and on.

But right here - right in the very midst of it - there is a place of retreat. And He waits to meet me there.

I'm coming, Lord. I'm coming! Not once or twice, but many times if I am to make it through this one! And thank You - thank You for always caring, for always joining me here. Thank You.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

amen and thank You Lord to this and "sweet salvation." He truly is such a wonderful God! Your Merrick is smart and insightful indeed. wow!

11:03 PM  

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