Monday, October 22, 2007

The Quick Story

Julia played in the final round yesterday. She won third place and we were so very proud and happy! A cash prize, some high accolades, growing connections with people of influence, and most of all, continued building of relationships with peers from all over (in case you hadn't noticed, Julia is great at establishing friendships - she and the girls from China get on wonderfully!)

Following a late afternoon concert, we began the trek to Danica's home in Palo Alto, CA. I had wanted to make the trip in daylight so as to view all of the scenery along the way, but night time presented its own wonders. Long ribbons of red and white, strings of lights, snaking through the valley and up the mountains, stretching forever. There are no empty roads here, I am convinced of it. Already I have experienced the sensation of wanting to run away to an empty place just to breathe, just to exhale without thought, just to find a place for thoughts to begin. The need to always be moving, watching, processing is taxing to me, unaccustomed as I am to such constant presence of humanity.

I understand the desire for solitude - why the retreat accommodated by the MacAller's mountaintop home is wondrous, why I sighed a deep breath of relief every time we passed over the desolate hill separating Jong and Jiwon's home in Chino Hills from LA County, why Danica's whimsical "Secret Garden" backyard is worth its weight in gold. Solitude is precious in these here parts.

So now I am in the Bay area, ready to explore, desirous of seeing places we are currently studying at home as we learn about the Gold Rush of '48. I love new adventures. History, different lands and cultures, mankind here and there - fascinating. God's plan unfolding, human nature seen in a multitude of expression.

And more and more a reminder that someday we will all be in heaven. How hopeful, how promising - how needful.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you and the kids read, "By the Great Horn Spoon"? It's a must when studying the gold rush of '49! I promise it will bring lots of laughs your way! A super read aloud.


4:16 PM  
Blogger TrashTidBits said...

Congrads to Julia!! I feel honored that I get to experience and listen to her music at home.

Glad that you're enjoying yourself in CA. I know exactly what you are talking about is a challenge to have it in the LA area. My mom and I will be visiting my brother, Jong, & Jiwon at Christmas time.

See you soon.

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful! Have a little sunlight for me, too, please.
Tell Julia I said 'congratulations!' -- I am so very proud of her! Her gift is certainly making room for her to minister.

7:51 PM  

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