Thursday, October 25, 2007


I don't even bother to check the weather outside upon rising in the morning. It is always the same: sunny, clear, no clouds at all, a slight movement of air, and that is that. Weird.

Julia and I unfortunately have both been struggling with colds and such since we've been here. Jameson is also under the weather (in spite of the sun) due to teething. Consequently we have not been exciting company. Today we will try to pick it up a bit.

Danica will load us all into the family van and take us to some favorite shopping areas full of international decor and knick knacks. From there we will check out boutiques in Palo Alto.

"What's with all the stores? How come all you want to do is shop?" Ryan inquired.

"That's what Sinclair girls do, Ry!" was my instant response.

Actually, we have plans to take in The Mountain Winery as well. Danica tells me it overlooks the entire valley. They have a concert venue there, restaurants, etc. "Pretty smart people, these folks that designed with this place," she says. Rumor is that it will be breath-taking. Sounds good to me.

The sick ones in tow will work hard to keep up. Here's hoping!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The country's most breath-taking views. Even more beautiful than the Grand Canyon, at least in my opinion. Napa is so worth it if you can make the drive. Feel better soon!

7:03 AM  
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