Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Up, Up and Away!

"What army are you feeding?" the checkout lady at my friendly grocer's asked incredulously.

"Just my own. I have a large crew at my house. And this Mom is heading out of town for two weeks. I'm trying to make sure they don't run out after just two days."

That's right. I'm on the road again. This time I head to CA with my daughter Julia for an international guitar competition. We land in Burbank tomorrow evening where my California daughter and grandson will greet us at the airport then chauffeur us to some nearby friends (we will stay with Jong and Jiwon, for those who know them!)

Once Julia has finished playing her fingers to the bone, and hopefully earning some accolades (and maybe even some denarii), we will find our way back to Danica's home in Palo Alto, CA near San Francisco in the Menlo Park area. Mom has yet to see her most recent abode, and I have not laid eyes on her dear hubby since last May.

I'm excited about the trip, obviously. Who wouldn't be? Travel with my beautiful seventeen year old, a visit with friends, playing with a precious little guy, special time with my first born, celebrating a wonderful son-in-law's birthday, and seeing the sunshine valley of CA. I hope to hear some fabulous music, spy out some great consignment shops, dig out some local history (this is Gold Rush '48 territory, you know), and enjoy some great food. And on top of all that fun, Danica is hoping to invite several young moms in for a gathering with this "seasoned mother". I chuckle at that title, wonder if I'm deserving of such a noble calling, and rejoice at the privilege of sharing with others the passion of my life: exploring motherhood as He designed it.

Will check in from the other side soon!

*ps: I must credit my daughters at home who will keep the whole show running in my absence. I know they will do a terrific job, as already witnessed through their help in getting this mom ready to depart. Yesterday Carina volunteered her day off to make dinner and feeze bread for the next week while I did necessary projects. Today while out and about running all those last minute errands, Liana whipped up mac & cheese. Looks like all will be in good hands while I'm away!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip, Darlene! I'll be praying for safe travel, joyful encounters, & fluidity for Julia's fingers. ;) Can't wait to hear all about it. Love to you all ~ P

3:22 PM  
Blogger mrsdmf72205 said...

We'll be praying for a safe trip and a blessed time in California! Tell Julia I said, "good luck"!:-)

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like fun! looking fwd to hearing all about it!

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful, blessed trip! ~ sam

11:00 PM  
Blogger Quinne said...

Have a lovely trip, Darlene! I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures :) Love, Q

11:02 PM  

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