Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Day So Far

There was a knock on the front door, and that was just the beginning. Soon five young moms had assembled to enjoy food, fellowship, and encouragement from yours truly. A plethora of children (they all arrived with two children each) ran along brick pathways, climbed the gnarled apple tree, and laughed continually, filling Danica's fairytale backyard with frolic and fun while the ladies settled into the front room. My story was told - From Feminism to This! - and somehow they were inspired. As I told my honey in my e-mailed report of the day, "The moms loved hearing stories from the battlefield and knowing that there has been victory in the end. They were all encouraged."

After a short nap for the little guy in the house, Danica and I buckled him in for a stroll downtown to purchase Cold-eeze for me and something fun for Ryan's birthday celebration tonight. 35 he is. Actually, his birthday was Saturday, but the party is tonight. He's a great guy who loves the Lord and is a super dad and husband. And that's worth celebrating any day!

So off I go to help slice and dice veggies for marinating, soon to be served over Basmati rice with fish fillets. Yum!