Friday, January 12, 2007

Routine? We're Trying

It still eludes us in some ways - well, lots of ways. But we are getting a good amount of reading, writing, and 'rithmetic done. And that is the goal. I soon head to Spain for the better part of two weeks. I will return to begin a spring musical production. So getting a bit ahead is essential. I'm more relieved than usual at the onset of this monumental project since my lovely daughters are all pitching in to lend good ol' Mom a hand this year. Danica will take over some homeschool projects with my 4 students; Brietta and Carina will share their talents of directing and choreography with me and the students. Slicing up the pie will help.

I'm trying to acclimate myself to this season of life. Bit by bit I think I may be getting there. This sentimental woman doesn't stand in the bedroom doorway of a daughter who has left and tear up quite as often; when I pass Merrick's clothing on to someone out of my household I rarely get misty; as I sit with a grandchild on one side and a young son on the other it almost feels balanced now (and when I must tend to a child of my own in lieu of time with a grandchild I am adjusting to that as well - in my experience, most grandparents are free from this dilemma. Their "little Johnny" is typically well beyond fighting over toys.) Older children needing my help while I still have four in school is starting to jive in my understanding of how this should be.

It is a lifestyle of juggling - juggling emotions, schedules, investments, needs. Routine? We try, as I previously stated. Are we achieving the goal? Not by most standards. Chores are neglected; school is interrupted; many days we are flying by the proverbial seat of our pants.

So I'm learning to create new rules; flexibility is key with priorities rearranged and met in inventive ways. And we are having fun. We enjoy one another's company and we serve Him with glad hearts. Maybe by the time Merrick has graduated from school and I have plenty of grownup children with a host of grandchildren I will have compiled a new list of rules and standards. Maybe I will even know what they are and how this should all look. But I doubt it.

For now let it suffice to say, we're trying. Happily and cheerfully trying. I reckon that counts for something.


Blogger danica said...

hooray -- a post!

the site looks lovely, too.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am impressed that you are all doing it happily and cheerfully! That is a testimony to the Lord. I feel tired, stressed, and guilty for my lack of cheerfulness a lot of days. My attitude has been a big area of struggle for me the last little while. You go, sister!

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful example of -- yes -- how it *should* be -- "flexibility is key with priorities rearranged and met in inventive ways. And we are having fun. We enjoy one another's company and we serve Him with glad hearts."

No matter how little or how much we find ourselves doing, it's still a juggling act of what our hearts and our minds think we should be doing and finding what the Lord would have us doing at any given moment. I think he is much more flexible than we think. I am glad for grace.

7:41 PM  

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