Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Christmas

Stockings have been emptied for over 12 hours now. Secrets hidden beneath festive colors and bows are now disclosed; most are already relegated to new homes, a few remain under the tree in less-than-holidayish garb. The Christmas dinner which took all afternoon to prepare afforded us pleasure. We lingered around the table for nearly two hours. The family was together (minus a much missed oldest daughter's family) as well as some dear compadres from Korea, an out-of-town fly-in comrade, and a newfound Iranian friend. They have all returned home. (Well, the out-of-town type friend is staying over...) It has been a wonderful day.

We also managed to include what will not become a Sinclair tradition: foot surgery. I'll explain. On Friday evening (technically Saturday morning) Julia was making a routine nighttime trip to the bathroom when she stepped on a sharp object, imbedding half a sewing needle deep in her right foot. Sunday afternoon she underwent surgery to have it removed. Consequently she and I missed both church services.

This is sounding too routine - it's the second year in a row that I stayed home to tend troubled feet in lieu of attending our traditional Candlelight service. I've decided that the original tradition is preferred.

Fortunately Julia is doing well. She is hobbling around, but should heal quickly. Today she seems to be gaining energy and strength.

And our Christmas was a beautiful day. Even Julia thought so.

*Sigh* Gotta love candles and family and moments worth treasuring.

*Sigh* Good night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For these past four days we have been enjoying family from CT. (Eric's oldest brother, his wife, and their 5 children). It has been an enjoyable time. Actually, 'awesome' would be a better word to describe our visit. Except meal-times, that word just might be 'CRAZY'! 12 kids with the oldest being 8- what a fun challenge! Anyway- carmel corn is good anytime, I agree. When things slow down, you give a call and let me know when the three youngest are available and I will come get them for the day (or for however long they choose). The boys can't wait to play with M. You guys enjoy L. being home. Love you all!

11:16 PM  

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